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Microfilm world

A microfiche is a single sheet of plastic that contains several images of pages of text, whereas microfilm is a long spool of plastic film that winds and rewinds to view images of text. In both instances, these microforms require a projection system whereby images of microfiche and microfilm appear on a backlit screen to be viewed. Microfiche is usually 6 inches by 4 inches per sheet. Users place microfiche under a plate of glass.

Diy roll up awning

A canvas or fabric awning is a big decor plus for an entry, patio or the first floor windows along one side of the house. For a basic shade awning, the fabric cover is simply attached to the building over the window or doorway, and the draped or taut material is laced to a horizontal pole suspended parallel to the wall by two angled side supports. Replacing or installing the awning involves weaving heavy cord or thin polyester rope through grommets along the front edge of the awning and around the parallel pole. Measure the front of the awning from edge to edge and multiply the length by 3.

Show key

Essentially all Microsoft programs require a product key as part of the installation process, including all of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. All versions of Windows keep copies of the product keys used to install them in the Windows Registry but newer versions also encrypt them, meaning that finding them involves both knowing the location and how to decipher them.